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Penglai Shenao Bioscientific Research Institute is a health food and functional food manufacturer focusing on research and production.  Since our establishment in 2001, we have been concentrating on enhancing sea cucumber processing with modern biotechnological means, and striving to   provide high-quality and differentiating products to approval holders, brand owners, distributors and other customers through OEM and ODM arrangements. 


We are capable of producing diverse dosage forms, including hard capsules, tablets, granules, powder, freeze-dried powder, solid beverages and oral  liquids. Such production capability, together with our corporate culture placing great emphasis on research and development, adequate production      qualifications, and our commitment to stringent quality control, enable us to service our health food and functional food OEM and ODM customers.


In addition to OEM and ODM, we are able to build on our strengths in R&D and production capability to offer competitive products in two core product groups, namely health foods and functional foods.


Health Foods: Enduring Classics + Continuous Innovations. Our health food products include our blood sugar-lowering Shenao Xiuli capsules,    our immunity boosting Shenao Xiusheng capsules, our anti-aging Shenao Huoli capsules, and our weight-managing Shenao Qingxiu capsules. These classic products have enjoyed enduring sales success in China. Our Shenao Xiuli capsules have also been exported to other countries and regions such as Israel, Ukraine, and Romania. We continue to invest resources in developing and applying for new health food approvals, striving to provide more choices to our customers.


Functional Foods: Proprietary Processing Technique + Diverse Dosage Forms. We develop our functional food products surrounding our proprietary sea cucumber odor-reduction processing technique. While minimizing nutritional loss during processing, this technique greatly reduces the unique unpleasant smell and taste of sea cucumbers. Coupled with our diverse dosage form offerings, we are able to provide differentiating functional food products to our customers. In 2016, we obtained the first export license for our ready-to-eat sea cucumber powder and tablets. In addition, we continue to develop products using globally sourced functional ingredients. Such ingredients produce tangible differences for the consumers, and carry solid research data to promote consumer education.