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What are the advantages of Shenao sea cucumber products?

What are the advantages of Shenao sea cucumber products?

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Traditional culinary preparation

Processed sea cucumber products by others

Shenao processed sea cucumber products

Whole Food

Consumers mostly eat sea cucumbers' skin and muscles, but not their innards and eggs which contain high levels of nutrients.

Due to inability to overcome sea cucumbers' unique unpleasant taste, which is especially strong in innards and eggs, sea cucumber parts contained in products are limited.

配图Thanks to our proprietary odor-reduction processing technique, we are able to minimze the unpleasant taste of sea cucumber skin, muscles, innards and eggs, enabling us to maximize the sea cucumber contents in our products.


Sea cucumbers' unique taste does not appeal to everyone.

Sea cucumbers' unique taste is amplified in processed products, making the tasting experience even more unpleasant.

配图Our proprietary odor-reduction processing technique helps make the tasting experience enjoyable.



Many of sea cucumbers' nutrients are water-soluble. To make dried sea cucumbers for preservation, fresh sea cucumbers are repeatedly subject to intensive cooking, soaking, and drying. Before consumption, sea cucumbers undergo further soaking and cooking. All these steps greatly reduce their nutritional value.

Due to inability to overcome sea cucumbers' unique unpleasant taste, sea cucumber parts in products are limited, thereby effectively putting a cap on contained nutrients.

配图While maximizing retained nutrients during processing, we are able to minimize the unique unpleasant taste of sea cucumbers, enabling us to raise sea cucumber contents in our products and elevating their nutritional value.

Ease of


Dried sea cucumbers needs repeated soaking and water change for days before cooking, and the process is tricky and difficult to master.

Easily consumed, but other OEMs often offer limited dosage form options.

配图Our products are easily consumed, and we offer a plethora of dosage forms, including powder, freeze-dried powder, tablets, and oral liquids to cater to our clients' target consumers.


Sea cucumbers' molecular structure makes it difficult to digest and absorb.

Others' processed sea cucumber products may be easier to absorb, but their inability to overcome the unique unpleasant taste makes long-term consumption an unpleasant chore.

Our enzymatic reaction turns big sea cucumber molecules into smaller, easy-to-absorb nutrients. Long-term consumption is an enjoyment thanks to our proprietary odor-reduction processing technique.