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Counterfeit Product Notice

Counterfeit Product Notice

2018/08/24 11:22
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We at Penglai Shenao Bioscientific Research Institute have always put quality and integrity first, and our products have earned the trust of many domestic and overseas consumers. In recent years, however, we have noticed many counterfeit products on the market. We have recently discovered that there is a new batch of counterfeit Shenao Qingxiu Capsules being distributed on the market (see picture below).


Please note that:


(1) Other than our sole authorized flagship store on Tianmao (Tmall), we have not authorized any other company or person to distribute Shenao Qingxiu Capsules, either online or in store.


(2) If any consumer suspects that he or she has purchased any counterfeit Shenao product, we are happy to help verify its authenticity.


(3) We will reward the informant who can provide reliable information to identify and expose anyone who produces or sells counterfeit Shenao products.


We are determined to protect our reputation through any means necessary. We also wish to take this opportunity to thank users of Shenao products for their continuous support, and remind them to purchase authentic Shenao products through authorized channels.


Penglai Shenao Bioscientific Research Institute